Hot rolled steel is versatile, durable, and widely used in construction and manufacturing for its strength and formability.

Hot rolled steel is produced when steel is processed by a series of roll presses at temperatures over 1700°F. The process creates a steel that is easily formed or shaped into large pieces and is best used where tolerances aren’t as important.

Q235 and Q345 are 16 Mn steel grade with good formability and weldability properties. It’s commonly used for structural applications and parts for a variety of industries. Q345 offers better performance at low temperatures and offers better steel strength.

  • Corrosion resistant and generally offers a maintenance-free finish
  • Much lighter weight than alternatives like iron, steel, copper, and brass
  • Great heat conductivity
  • Nontoxic so it’s suitable for food exposure and other specialized applications
  • Non-combustible and reflective so often used for lighting
  • Good formability, workability, weldability and machineability
  • More expensive than steel
  • Steel is a better option where strength is a primary concern and weight isn’t an issue
  • Some alloys are less corrosion resistant than a stainless steel option
  • Can affect taste of food so it’s less common for food or cooking applications
  • Window frames
  • Aircraft and automotive parts
  • Kitchenware
  • Food packaging
  • Lighting
  • Electrical products
  • Machinery and equipment