Elevating Gardening with Metal. Discover our innovative metal garden solutions that combine strength and elegance, transforming outdoor spaces into captivating and sustainable landscapes.


Nurturing Gardens with Huada Metal

We produce metal garden wire netting, fencing, plant supports and more in the gardening sector. Poor craftsmanship may lead to rust, weak seams, and uneven surfaces, affecting durability and usability. 
Our approach focuses on using high-quality materials with rust-resistant coatings, precise welding and seam sealing for durability, and smooth, even finishes for hassle-free use and maintenance.


We specialize in manufacturing and supplying a range of metal garden products, including decorative garden gates, ornamental garden edging, durable garden tools, and metal garden art.
Absolutely, we understand that garden aesthetics and functions vary widely. We offer customization options for our metal garden products, allowing you to create unique garden art pieces or custom garden fencing designs that suit your specific vision.
We use high-quality metals, such as galvanized steel or weather-resistant alloys, and apply protective coatings to withstand any forecast. Our products also undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability and rust resistance, especially for outdoor use. They are designed to last and maintain their aesthetics.
We prioritize sustainability in our metal manufacturing processes, minimizing waste and energy consumption. While metal is inherently durable, we also offer eco-friendly packaging options and can explore sustainable metal choices for custom projects.

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