Roof-mount Box Gutter Bar Strap Hanger

Product Description

Introducing the Huada GHB002 Heavy Duty Roof Mount Gutter Hanger – your ultimate solution for robust gutter support in box gutter applications. Crafted from a sturdy 1/4″(6mm) thick aluminum bar with a reinforcing wedge, this hanger stands as our most resilient roof mount option available.


With fold-over tabs designed for secure attachment to aluminum, galvalume, or steel gutters, you can trust this hanger to keep your gutter firmly in place. A gentle, manual fold of the tabs is recommended to prevent any paint chipping, ensuring a pristine appearance.


Bid farewell to the hassle of reattaching lost or missing spring clips. The GHB002 hanger mounts directly to the roof, with a standard spacing of 24″ to 36″ on center, tailored to your specific application and expected snow loads.


Choose between the straight version, allowing for on-site bending of the roof mounting portion to your desired length and pitch, or opt for the convenience of pre-bent hangers. Compatible with both Reverse Bead and Traditional Bead Gutters, the Huada GHB002 Heavy Duty Roof Mount Gutter Hanger guarantees lasting support and peace of mind.

  • Heavy Duty 1/4″ x 1″ stamped hanger
  • Fold over tabs hold gutter securely in place
  • Features several roof mounting holes
  • Available in Copper and Aluminum
  • Available in different colors