Universal Rafter Mount for Gutter Bracket Roof Rafter

Product Description 

Introducing the Huada GHM003S Rafter Clamp Mount for Gutter Brackets, your top choice for seamless gutter installations on roofs with exposed rafters. The GHM003S is the shorter shaft version of the GHM003. Our versatile rafter mount is engineered to accommodate various roof pitches, making it a flexible solution for many applications. What sets this product apart is its ability to enable gutter system installation without drilling. This is ideal for tiled roofs, as it allows for gutter installation without damaging roofing tiles. Additionally, it is suitable for sheet metal roof applications.


The GHM002 and GHM003 are secured to the rafter using a wing bolt easily tightened by hand or with a wing nut driver compatible with power tools. The main difference is that the former features teeth that help it grip onto the rafter with more force. Please choose the mount that is more appropriate for your particular project. 


Compatible with multiple gutter profiles and hanger types, provided they can be attached to one of the 1/4″ holes on our rafter mount using a bolt. You can tailor your gutter system to meet your specific requirements. However, it’s crucial to confirm compatibility with your chosen components before making a purchase to ensure a perfect fit.


For installations involving hidden hangers, a simple step is necessary: drill a hole in the back of the gutter to securely attach the hanger to the rafter mount using the provided bolt. Place your trust in the Huada GHM003 Rafter Clamp Mount for Gutter Brackets for a hassle-free and adaptable solution to your gutter installation needs.